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MIO MI Tattoo Studio


Stepping into MIO MI Tattoo Studio, guests are immediately greeted by a welcoming reception area that sets the tone for a memorable tattooing experience. The studio shines as a beacon of cleanliness and hygiene, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere that resonates with those who value meticulous care in their tattoo journey.

At the heart of MIO MI Tattoo Studio is an artist whose skill and knowledge in the craft are evident in every piece created. Specializing in the nuanced shades of black and gray tattoos, the artist's work is a testament to their dedication and expertise. Clients appreciate not only the professional demeanor and responsiveness to their requests but also the artist's good sense of humor, making each session an enjoyable and relaxed encounter.

Incorporating the latest technology in tattooing, the studio stands at the forefront of modern techniques, offering clients a cutting-edge experience. This commitment to innovation is matched by the artist's ability to provide great value for money, delivering high-quality tattoos that are relatively affordable, considering the level of skill on display.

MIO MI Tattoo Studio is a place where artistry and professionalism meet, creating a destination for those seeking excellence in tattoo art without compromising on experience or value.


Schäferstraße 4, 72351 Geislingen, Germany


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