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Trembler Butcher


Trembler Butcher stands as a beacon of artistic excellence in the realm of tattoo studios, where precision meets creativity. The resident artist, renowned for fast and meticulous work, brings designs to life with a friendly and engaging demeanor that has clients eager to return for future tattoos.

The studio itself is a testament to cleanliness and organization, setting a serene backdrop for the transformative art of tattooing. Each artist at Trembler Butcher is not only talented but also deeply committed to understanding and executing clients' design preferences, ensuring that every piece is a collaborative masterpiece.

While the majority of experiences at Trembler Butcher are met with high praise for the professional and skilled service, it is acknowledged that not every encounter has met these standards. The studio takes all feedback seriously, striving to ensure that each client feels heard, valued, and leaves with a tattoo that exceeds their expectations.

Clients of Trembler Butcher often speak of the comfort and care they receive during their sessions, highlighting the studio's dedication to a professional and reassuring tattooing experience. The end goal is always a satisfied client, proudly wearing a piece of art that resonates with their personal story and style.


  • a narben tattoo of a man with a hat and a pizza on his leg, würzburg, germany
  • a drawing of a demon with a crescent
  • the building where the hotel is located