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SKURRIL Piercing & Tommy Tattoo Art


Step into the inviting ambiance of SKURRIL Piercing & Tommy Tattoo Art, where a warm welcome awaits from the skilled ladies specializing in piercings, no appointment necessary. Clients are consistently impressed with the practically painless procedures, accompanied by thorough aftercare and healing instructions that ensure a comfortable experience from start to finish.

The studio prides itself on its friendly and uncomplicated approach to walk-ins, making spontaneous decisions for a new piercing or tattoo a seamless and stress-free process. High hygiene standards are the cornerstone of SKURRIL Piercing & Tommy Tattoo Art, where cleanliness is paramount and respectful employees uphold the utmost professionalism.

First-time tattoo seekers commend the studio for providing a satisfactory experience, marked by calm and patient workmanship that eases any initial apprehensions. The dedication to client comfort and artistry has fostered a loyal clientele, many of whom express a willingness to return for future piercings or tattoos.

At SKURRIL Piercing & Tommy Tattoo Art, the commitment to excellence is evident in every interaction, ensuring that each visit is as memorable as the art that clients leave with.


Kreuzstraße 1, 46483 Wesel, Germany


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