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Needle Twist – Tattoo & Piercing


Welcome to Needle Twist – Tattoo & Piercing, where a team of friendly and professional staff awaits to transform your ideas into art. The studio has garnered acclaim for its exceptional service, ensuring that every client leaves with a smile and a masterpiece. At Needle Twist, your rough sketches and concepts are meticulously crafted into precise templates, tailored to your individual style and vision.

The piercers at Needle Twist are celebrated for their attention to detail, dedicating themselves to perfection in every curve and color. Clients consistently praise the comfortable family atmosphere, a testament to the studio's commitment to creating a space where you can relax and enjoy the journey of bringing your tattoo or piercing to life.

Beyond the artistry, Needle Twist is a place where appointments can blossom into lasting friendships, adding a personalized touch to your experience. The studio's adherence to safety and hygiene practices is unwavering, ensuring a secure environment where health and comfort are paramount.

With a diverse array of services, Needle Twist caters to all your tattoo and piercing desires. Whether you're seeking to express yourself through ink or add a sparkle with a new piercing, the studio is equipped to meet your needs with expertise and care. Step into Needle Twist – Tattoo & Piercing, and leave with more than just a tattoo or piercing; leave with a piece of art that tells your unique story.


Homberger Str. 105C, 47441 Moers, Germany


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