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Inkternational Tattoo Studio (Artists from all over the world)


Inkternational Tattoo Studio stands as a beacon of artistic excellence in the tattoo community, renowned for its seasoned team of artists who bring a diverse array of styles and techniques to the table. With years of collective experience, these artists have honed their craft, ensuring that every client's vision is transformed into a stunning piece of body art.

At the heart of Inkternational's acclaim is the studio's bespoke design service, meticulously tailoring each tattoo to the individual's preferences and ideas. This personalized approach is complemented by an unwavering commitment to professionalism and cleanliness, with a well-maintained and organized environment that clients consistently acknowledge.

The studio's meticulous attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the tattooing process, from the initial consultation to the final, polished tattoo. This dedication is matched by the artists' exceptional communication skills, keeping clients well-informed and at ease throughout their tattoo journey.

Understanding the unique canvas that is human skin, Inkternational Tattoo Studio is well-versed in catering to different skin types and managing allergies, prioritizing a safe and personalized tattooing experience. This expertise is matched by competitive pricing, striking a balance between affordability and the high-caliber quality of work that clients find justifiable.

Conveniently located, the studio is a hub for tattoo enthusiasts and newcomers alike, providing easy access for all seeking to embark on their tattoo adventure. To complement the tattooing experience, Inkternational offers a selection of aftercare products, ensuring that each tattoo not only looks exceptional on the day but also heals perfectly.

The studio's positive reputation is a testament to its excellence, with a loyal clientele that not only returns for additional artistry but also advocates for Inkternational Tattoo Studio within their circles. It is a place where the world's artistic talents converge, creating a tapestry of ink that tells a thousand stories, one tattoo at a time.


Hohe Str. 16, 46483 Wesel, Germany


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