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Die Klapse Tätowieranstalt


Die Klapse Tätowieranstalt stands as a beacon of creativity and skill in the realm of tattoo artistry. With a reputation for transforming ideas into stunning reality, the studio has garnered praise for its ability to deliver results that resonate deeply with clients. The dedication of the artists, especially the renowned Betty, is evident in the intricate designs and the precision of their work, which has led to a loyal clientele that speaks highly of their experiences.

While the studio has faced challenges, including a recent incident where a piercing procedure did not meet expectations, Die Klapse Tätowieranstalt has shown a commitment to maintaining a high standard of service. This dedication is reflected in the proactive measures taken to manage their online presence, ensuring that the focus remains on the positive feedback and satisfaction of their customers.

The studio's environment is one where gratitude and recommendations are common, with many clients expressing their intent to return. The tattoo artists at Die Klapse Tätowieranstalt are not just skilled professionals; they are artisans who take pride in their craft, offering advice that leads to exceptional tattoo results. It is a place where artistry meets precision, and where each tattoo is not just an image, but a story etched in skin.


Dr.-Georg-Kohnert-Straße 13, 17126 Jarmen, Germany