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Nestled in the heart of Ueckermünde, 36-Grad stands out as a beacon for those seeking relief through the art of piercing. The studio has garnered attention for its specialized migraine piercings, a service that has been life-changing for many, with clients reporting significant reductions in migraine frequency and intensity. This innovative approach to piercing is not only a testament to the studio's commitment to client well-being but also showcases the piercer's deep understanding of the craft.

At 36-Grad, the piercing experience is tailored to each individual. Prior to the procedure, the piercer conducts a thorough consultation to determine the most affected side by migraine attacks, ensuring the piercing's optimal placement for effectiveness. Clients appreciate the piercer's direct and concerned approach, which not only puts them at ease but also builds a foundation of trust and care.

The piercing process at 36-Grad is renowned for its efficiency. Taking less than two minutes, the procedure is executed with precision, ensuring a quick and painless experience. This swift technique, coupled with the piercer's specialist knowledge, allows for a seamless transition from consultation to completion.

Understanding that aftercare is paramount to the success of any piercing, 36-Grad provides comprehensive care instructions. These guidelines are designed to promote proper healing and minimize the risk of complications, a commitment to client care that has been well received. In instances where clients have encountered issues, such as inflammation while on vacation, the studio has demonstrated an exceptional level of support, offering prompt and effective treatment, including the provision of new plugs.

While one client's experience with incorrect aftercare advice led to inflammation, this appears to be an isolated incident. The studio has since taken steps to ensure that all clients leave with the knowledge necessary to care for their new piercings properly.

For those in Ueckermünde or passing through, 36-Grad presents an opportunity to explore the potential benefits of migraine piercings, backed by a piercer whose expertise and attentive care are evident in every interaction. With a focus on client satisfaction and a proven track record of effective piercing treatments, 36-Grad is a distinguished destination for those seeking to enhance their well-being through the art of piercing.


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