Tatoo Studios.



Step into Flatrate-Tattoo, where a friendly and welcoming atmosphere greets each client, setting the stage for an experience tailored to personal expression through ink. The studio prides itself on maintaining a clean and professional environment, ensuring that every visit is as comfortable and hygienic as possible.

Clients seeking unique body modifications have expressed satisfaction with services such as industrial piercings, highlighting the studio's ability to deliver on specialized requests. Those returning for their third tattoo have also shared their delight with the great results achieved, a testament to the studio's commitment to meeting clients' expectations.

While Flatrate-Tattoo strives for excellence, it acknowledges that the art of tattooing is an ever-evolving craft. The studio takes all feedback seriously, including concerns about adherence to templates and shading techniques, and is dedicated to continuous improvement in all aspects of its work.

Visitors to Flatrate-Tattoo can expect to meet a team of nice people who are passionate about what they do, ready to guide them through the process of transforming their ideas into artful expressions that last a lifetime.


Bahnhofstraße 37, 36341 Lauterbach (Hessen), Germany


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