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Tattoo studio King&Queen Ink Lounge


Nestled in a convenient location with ample parking, King&Queen Ink Lounge stands as a beacon of artistry and professionalism in the tattoo industry. Celebrating over a decade of service, the studio has cemented its reputation for delivering high-quality tattoos with a focus on detail and realistic finishes that resonate with the individuality of each client.

At King&Queen Ink Lounge, the artist's skill is not just a claim but a reality, as evidenced by the studio's strong standing in the tattoo community. The personalized service begins with a thorough consultation, ensuring that every client's vision is translated into ink with precision and care. This commitment to client satisfaction extends beyond the tattoo chair, with comprehensive aftercare instructions and support that underscore the studio's dedication to the art and the healing process.

The range of services offered is as diverse as the clientele, from masterful cover-ups that give old tattoos new life to meticulous touch-ups and even tattoo removal. The studio's environment mirrors the quality of its work, maintaining a clean and well-maintained space that clients find comfortable and inviting.

Value is also a hallmark of King&Queen Ink Lounge, with prices that are reasonable and competitive within the area. This, paired with the studio's unwavering commitment to excellence, has earned it glowing reviews and a loyal following. Clients leave not only with a piece of art but with the assurance that their experience at King&Queen Ink Lounge was nothing short of royal.


Krautgasse 22-24, 99994 Nottertal-Heilinger Höhen, Germany