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a narben tattoo design with the word, ` ` ', tübingen, germany

Fraternity Tattoo Parlour


Welcome to Fraternity Tattoo Parlour, where the fusion of artistry and professionalism creates a tattoo experience that resonates with satisfaction and anticipation for future visits. The studio prides itself on the exceptional work of Chris, an artist whose adeptness at incorporating his unique style with clients' individual desires has garnered widespread acclaim. His friendly demeanor, coupled with a professional approach, ensures that every client leaves not only with a stunning piece of body art but also with the comfort of having been in capable hands.

Clients have particularly lauded the meticulous planning and execution of Japanese-style full sleeve tattoos, a testament to the studio's commitment to both precision and cultural authenticity. The attention to detail and the ability to bring intricate designs to life set Fraternity Tattoo Parlour apart as a destination for those seeking to adorn their bodies with meaningful and beautifully crafted tattoos.

The trust and rapport built with clients are evident, as many eagerly anticipate their next session with Chris, confident in the knowledge that their questions will be thoroughly addressed and their expectations met, if not exceeded. Fraternity Tattoo Parlour stands as a beacon of excellence in the tattoo community, where art meets individuality, and every tattoo is a collaborative masterpiece.


Katharinenstraße 8, 72072 Tübingen, Germany


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  • a man with a narben tattoo on his arm, tübingen, germany
  • a room with a red chair and a desk
  • a room with a lot of art and a lot of furniture
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  • a woman's hand with a narben tattoo on it, tübingen, germany
  • a black and white narben tattoo of a skull in a hat, tübingen, germany
  • a blue building with a bicycle parked outside
  • ankh narben tattoo on the arm, tübingen, germany
  • two fish narben tattoos on the leg, tübingen, germany
  • a group of people standing around a table
  • a narben tattoo with pink flowers on the side, tübingen, germany
  • a narben tattoo with a heart and a sword, tübingen, germany
  • a narben tattoo with a cat and flowers on it, tübingen, germany
  • a store front with a sign that says coffee