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Cactus Tattoo


Cactus Tattoo stands as a beacon of professionalism and competence in the realm of body art. With a reputation for delivering high-quality tattoos at fair prices, the studio has garnered a loyal following. The resident artist, known for their skillful work, ensures that each piece is well-engraved and tailored to the client's desires, offering great advice to enhance the tattooing experience.

The studio's environment mirrors the cool demeanor of its boss, fostering clean work and a positive interpersonal relationship with each client. Whether it's crafting a new design or executing a meticulous cover-up, satisfaction is a testament to the studio's commitment to excellence.

While currently closed until further notice, the legacy of Cactus Tattoo remains etched in the minds and skins of its clientele, eagerly awaiting the day it reopens to continue its tradition of exceptional tattoo artistry.


Rotebühlstraße 40A, 70178 Stuttgart, Germany


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