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Bagatelle Tattoo


Nestled in the heart of the city, Bagatelle Tattoo stands as a beacon of creativity and precision in the world of body art. The studio is renowned for transforming rough sketches and ideas into stunning, one-of-a-kind tattoos, a testament to the talent of the resident artist, Rina. Her ability to craft bespoke designs has garnered widespread appreciation, with clients consistently praising the unique and personalized tattoos they receive.

Communication is held in high regard at Bagatelle Tattoo, where clients find the ease of dialogue with Rina both before and during their appointments to be a cornerstone of the studio's service. This open exchange ensures that each client's vision is fully understood and brought to life with confidence and clarity.

The ambiance of Bagatelle Tattoo is intentionally designed to provide a relaxed and pleasant experience. Clients often remark on the soothing atmosphere, which serves to calm the nerves and make the piercing process as comfortable as possible.

Rina's meticulous attention to detail is a highlight for many who visit Bagatelle Tattoo. Her precision in engraving even the smallest details into the skin is a skill that does not go unnoticed, with reviewers consistently lauding the intricate and flawless results of her work.

The satisfaction of those who have been inked by Rina is evident, with a unanimous chorus of clients expressing extreme contentment with their tattoos. The high rate of repeat appointments further underscores the trust and satisfaction clients have in Rina's ability to deliver exceptional tattoos time and time again.

Bagatelle Tattoo is more than just a studio; it's a destination where artistry meets precision, where ideas are transformed into masterpieces, and where clients leave not just with a tattoo, but with a piece of wearable art that they are proud to display.


Tübinger Str. 33, 70178 Stuttgart, Germany


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