Tatoo Studios.

Lion Tattoo


Lion Tattoo stands as a beacon of artistic expression in the realm of body art, renowned for its wide array of high-quality tattoos. The studio takes pride in its reputation, built upon the skilled hands of artists who are masters of their craft. With a young and talented owner at the helm, Lion Tattoo is a place where the vibrancy of youth meets the precision of experience.

While some patrons have faced challenges in communication, feeling their feedback on tattoo designs went unaddressed, others have found their experiences to be nothing short of exceptional. The quality of the tattoos has been lauded, with the artist's skills receiving high praise from satisfied customers. Each tattoo is a testament to the studio's commitment to excellence, showcasing the depth of talent within its walls.

Lion Tattoo is a space where creativity flourishes, and the art of tattooing is revered. The studio's dedication to its craft is evident in the intricate designs and lasting impressions left on those who choose to adorn their bodies with its work. Despite the mixed reviews, the positive experiences highlight the potential for a truly remarkable tattoo journey at Lion Tattoo.


Elter Str. 98A, 48429 Rheine, Germany