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Art and Style, Inh. Benedikt Haina


Nestled in the heart of the city, Art and Style, Inh. Benedikt Haina, stands as a sanctuary for those seeking to transform their skin into a canvas of self-expression. The studio is renowned for providing a comfortable and relaxing experience, where clients can recline for hours as they embark on their tattoo journey, assured by the gentle touch of the artists.

The team of artists at Art and Style is celebrated for their skill and professionalism, earning accolades from clients who refer to them as a "Super team." Their expertise extends beyond tattooing, with a dedicated piercing area that has garnered its own share of compliments for its meticulousness and flair.

Communication is a cornerstone of the studio's ethos, with a commitment to open and honest dialogue. Clients value the thoughtful advice they receive, ensuring they are well-informed and confident in their decisions before the tattooing process begins.

Art and Style takes pride in the quality of its work, with a focus on delivering excellence that aligns with the investment clients make. The studio's price-performance ratio has been acknowledged as "totally okay," reflecting a balance of premium artistry and value.

While the studio excels in many areas, it recognizes the importance of continuous improvement, particularly in aftercare support. Feedback has highlighted the need for enhanced aftercare instructions to ensure the longevity and satisfaction of each tattoo.

At Art and Style, Inh. Benedikt Haina, the fusion of artistry, style, and client care creates an unparalleled tattooing experience, where every stroke of the needle is a step towards perfection.


Münsterstraße 52b, 49477 Ibbenbüren, Germany


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