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Skull Ink. Art GmbH


Welcome to Skull Ink. Art GmbH, a tattoo studio where creativity meets precision in an environment that prioritizes hygiene and cleanliness. Guests often commend the studio for its thorough consultations and clear communication, especially when engaging with visiting tattoo artists who bring a diverse array of styles and expertise to the table.

The studio is not only known for its tattoo services but also for its friendly and professional piercing services. With an extensive selection of jewelry, clients can personalize their piercings to match their unique style. However, it's worth noting that while the studio excels in many areas, there have been some concerns regarding appointment scheduling and adherence to agreed-upon designs.

Skull Ink. Art GmbH takes pride in maintaining high standards of hygiene, ensuring a safe and sterile environment for all tattoo and piercing procedures. This commitment to cleanliness is a cornerstone of the studio's operations, providing peace of mind for those seeking new body art.

While the studio boasts a team of talented tattoo artists, it is important for potential clients to be aware that there have been instances of missed appointments and deviations from the original tattoo concepts. Additionally, the studio has faced criticism over complications with helix piercings, including inflammation and the development of wild flesh.

The trustworthiness and reliability of Skull Ink. Art GmbH have been brought into question by a reviewer, highlighting the importance of consistency in customer service. The studio is dedicated to addressing these concerns and continuously improving the client experience.

Skull Ink. Art GmbH invites those with a passion for art and self-expression to explore the possibilities within its walls, where the team strives to provide a professional and welcoming atmosphere for all tattoo and piercing enthusiasts.


Salzstraße 3, 21682 Stade, Germany


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