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a cover-up tattoo of a woman with a mask on her face, siegen-wittgenstein, germany

Midori.ink Tattoo- & Piercingstudio


Midori.ink Tattoo- & Piercingstudio stands out for its professional atmosphere and friendly staff, consistently praised for creating a fun and good-mood environment. From the moment clients step through the door, they are met with a responsive team ready to offer competent advice and ensure a well-looked-after experience.

The studio's commitment to comfort is evident, particularly in their piercing services. Clients recount super comfortable experiences, like a lip piercing that was made notably pleasant thanks to the amiable coworkers. This attention to client comfort extends to the tattooing process as well, where visitors have had custom designs crafted to their satisfaction, highlighting the studio's dedication to personalized artistry.

While Midori.ink Tattoo- & Piercingstudio has faced challenges with concerns over design originality, the studio's overall atmosphere and the quality of the experience have been well-received. The team's approach to professionalism and customer care from the first second sets a standard for the industry, ensuring that each client's visit is memorable for all the right reasons.


Eiserntalstraße 488, 57080 Siegen, Germany


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  • a woman's thigh with a cover-up tattoo of a bird and flowers, siegen-wittgenstein, germany
  • a cover-up tattoo of two dolphins on the arm, siegen-wittgenstein, germany
  • a wooden sign with a ribbon that says,'welcome to the world '
  • a cover-up tattoo with a diamond and roses, siegen-wittgenstein, germany
  • a cover-up tattoo of a girl with a sword and a fish, siegen-wittgenstein, germany
  • a cover-up tattoo of a cross with flowers on the leg, siegen-wittgenstein, germany