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a man with a japanische tattoos in leipzig on his back, schwerin, germany

Marschel's Ink


Marschel's Ink stands out as a beacon of excellence in the realm of body art, offering an array of top-notch piercing care products that are widely regarded as the best available. Clients stepping into the studio are immediately greeted by a friendly and hygienic staff, a testament to the studio's commitment to both exceptional customer service and cleanliness—a harmony that has not gone unnoticed by satisfied visitors.

The spontaneous and amiable service at Marschel's Ink is a hallmark of the studio's ethos, ensuring that each client's experience is as memorable as the art they leave with. The studio's atmosphere is often described as inviting, with a unique family feel that is further enlivened by the presence of rare animals, adding an amusing twist to the traditional tattoo studio environment.

Marschel's Ink is known for its dedication to quality and precision. The tattoo artists here take their time with each client, focusing on delivering high-quality service and attention to detail that resonates in the intricacy of their work. This meticulous approach to tattooing and piercing is a core value of the studio, ensuring that every piece of art is crafted with care and expertise.

For those with unpredictable schedules, Marschel's Ink offers a responsive booking system, ready to call clients for a free appointment on short notice, making it convenient for the spontaneous decision to get inked or pierced.

While opinions on the final artwork vary, with some finding the tattoos and piercings beyond their expectations and others feeling they fall short, the studio continues to strive for excellence and takes pride in the positive feedback regarding their congenial staff and the overall experience.

Marschel's Ink is a destination for those seeking a professional, hygienic, and enjoyable tattooing or piercing experience, wrapped in a friendly atmosphere that feels like home.


Goethestraße 61, 19055 Schwerin, Germany


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