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Uzi Shop


Nestled in the heart of the city, Uzi Shop stands as a beacon of creativity and artistry in the tattoo community. The studio exudes a cool and artistic vibe that resonates with both the ink enthusiasts and the curious first-timers. At Uzi Shop, the artist's reputation for conjuring beautiful ideas into ink is matched by the commitment to offer these services at reasonable prices.

Clients stepping into Uzi Shop are immediately greeted by an atmosphere of impeccable cleanliness, a testament to the studio's dedication to hygiene and safety. The work executed within these walls is nothing short of superb, often earning accolades that exceed the conventional five-star rating system.

Affordability does not come at the expense of quality or care at Uzi Shop. The artist not only delivers tattoos that provide excellent value for money but also takes a personal interest in the healing process of each piece, ensuring that the art and its canvas - the client's skin - are both well taken care of.

The tattoos at Uzi Shop are cleanly engraved, a skill that is complemented by the artist's friendly demeanor. This combination of professionalism and warmth has become a hallmark of the studio, fostering an environment where clients feel valued and respected.

Uzi Shop is a place where the quality of the tattoo work shines through, and the friendliness of the artist makes every session a memorable experience. It's a studio where artistry meets affordability, cleanliness aligns with creativity, and clients leave not only with a new piece of art but also with the satisfaction of having been truly seen and heard.


Trierer Str. 7, 66839 Schmelz, Germany


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