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a cover-up tattoo of a baby gro with a big grin, rostock, germany

Headliner Tattoo


Headliner Tattoo stands as a beacon of artistic excellence and professionalism in the world of body art. With a reputation for exceptional skill and craftsmanship, the studio has earned accolades from clients who describe the resident artist as a "real artist," a testament to the high-quality work that adorns the skin of those who choose Headliner Tattoo for their ink.

The studio's commitment to quality over quantity is evident in the meticulous attention to detail that each piece receives. This focus ensures that every tattoo is not just a mark, but a masterpiece tailored to the individual's vision. Clients leave with more than just ink; they carry a unique piece of art that resonates with personal significance.

Parents have entrusted Headliner Tattoo with the responsibility of inking their loved ones, with one reviewer highlighting their son's personal experience and confirming the artist's proficiency. Such endorsements speak volumes, showcasing the trust and respect that the studio commands across generations.

Clients consistently describe their experiences at Headliner Tattoo with phrases like "very, very professional," reflecting the studio's dedication to maintaining a high standard of service. The absence of negative feedback underscores the reliability and trustworthiness that Headliner Tattoo has cultivated within the community.

The language of satisfaction weaves through the reviews, with positive adjectives such as "great," "competent," and "really great" frequently used to characterize the studio's work. This chorus of approval from clients serves as a genuine reflection of the exceptional experience that awaits at Headliner Tattoo, where artistry and professionalism meet to create enduring beauty.


Str. d. DSF 27, 18273 Güstrow, Germany


  • a wolf cover-up tattoo on the arm, rostock, germany
  • a cover-up tattoo with a dragon and a flower, rostock, germany
  • a cover-up tattoo of a skull with a clock and a clock face, rostock, germany
  • a black and grey cover-up tattoo of a robot, rostock, germany
  • a cover-up tattoo with a clock and a clock face, rostock, germany
  • a couple of anime characters with a hat and a sword on their arm