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Inferno Tattoo


Inferno Tattoo stands as a beacon of artistic excellence in the realm of body art, where high-quality tattoos come to life with intricate details and realistic designs. The studio's reputation for personalized attention is well-founded, with artists like Sofy dedicating time to meticulously craft each motif, ensuring a swift yet precise execution. The comfortable atmosphere within Inferno Tattoo is consistently lauded, creating an inviting space for creativity to flourish.

The studio is home to a duo of talented artists whose skills are not only recognized but celebrated by those who have experienced their work. These "very talented" and "lovely" artists bring a unique blend of passion and prowess to every piece they create. With a pricing structure that is deemed reasonable by its clientele, Inferno Tattoo offers an accessible gateway to exceptional body art without compromising on quality.

Cleanliness and hygiene are paramount at Inferno Tattoo, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by its visitors. The studio's commitment to maintaining a "very clean" environment, coupled with meticulous hygiene practices, ensures a safe and reassuring experience for all. This dedication to cleanliness is matched by the artists' evident passion for their craft, a trait that shines through in the caliber of tattoos produced.

Customer service at Inferno Tattoo is nothing short of excellent, with artists who are described as "super sweet" and "nice," contributing to a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. This level of care has fostered a community of loyal customers who, after their positive experiences, cannot envision entrusting their skin to any other studio.

Inferno Tattoo's reputation has been solidified through the voices of many satisfied customers who not only return for more art but also highly recommend the studio to others. It is a place where artistry and professionalism meet, leaving an indelible mark both on the skin and in the hearts of those who choose to pass through its doors.


  • a motorcycle parked in front of a black wall
  • a trashpolka tattoos of a man with a dog on his leg, rosenheim, germany
  • a woman's upper lip and upper lip trashpolka tattoos, rosenheim, germany
  • a red van driving down a street next to a building