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a japanische tattoos in leipzig of a bird and a moon, recklinghausen, germany

Zierwerk Tätowier-Manufaktur


Welcome to Zierwerk Tätowier-Manufaktur, a tattoo studio where artistry meets precision in an environment that upholds the highest standards of hygiene and professionalism. The studio is renowned for its team of competent staff, each bringing a unique set of skills to the table, ensuring that every client's vision is transformed into a stunning piece of body art.

At Zierwerk Tätowier-Manufaktur, satisfaction isn't just an aim; it's a guarantee. The studio prides itself on a track record of 100% client satisfaction, a testament to the dedication and expertise of its artists. Clients consistently laud the studio for its exceptional advice, ensuring that each individual receives a personalized experience tailored to their desires and needs.

Cleanliness is paramount in the world of tattooing, and Zierwerk Tätowier-Manufaktur sets the bar high. The studio's commitment to maintaining a sterile environment is evident, providing peace of mind to both seasoned tattoo enthusiasts and first-time clients alike.

The studio's flexible scheduling options cater to the busy lives of its clientele, offering convenience without compromising on the friendly service that has become a hallmark of the Zierwerk experience. This approachability, combined with the studio's artistic prowess, creates a welcoming atmosphere where creativity flourishes.

Among the talented roster of artists, one name stands out: Janine. Her exceptional skills have garnered special mention, with her decorative work being celebrated as top-notch. Janine's craftsmanship is a reflection of the studio's overall ethos—where the art of tattooing is executed with a meticulous attention to detail and a passion for exceeding expectations.

Zierwerk Tätowier-Manufaktur is not just a studio; it's a destination for those seeking excellence in tattoo artistry, delivered with a personal touch and professional care.


Fürst-Leopold-Platz 1, 46284 Dorsten, Germany


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  • a japanische tattoos in leipzig with a skull and flowers on the arm, recklinghausen, germany
  • a japanische tattoos in leipzig with a flower and a bee, recklinghausen, germany