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Inges Tattoo & Piercing Stübchen Inh. Inge Schmidt


Inges Tattoo & Piercing Stübchen Inh. Inge Schmidt offers a unique and cozy atmosphere for those seeking to adorn their bodies with tattoos and piercings. Nestled within the comfort of a home setting, the studio provides an intimate experience that sets it apart from the conventional tattoo shop environment. The presence of a friendly cat adds to the homely charm, although this may be something for customers with allergies or concerns to consider.

The piercer at Inges Tattoo & Piercing Stübchen is known for being friendly and responsive, ensuring that appointments are easily arranged and tailored to fit clients' schedules. The studio prides itself on providing good advice and delivering a great job overall, as evidenced by the seamless experience of children getting their ears pierced without any complications.

However, it is important to note that there have been instances where the professional performance and hygiene practices have been called into question. A reviewer has mentioned that the piercing was done too deeply, leading to discomfort and inconvenience. While the piercer was accommodating and made efforts to address the issue, the customer's experience of pain and discomfort was not fully alleviated.

Inges Tattoo & Piercing Stübchen takes customer feedback seriously and strives to ensure that each client leaves satisfied with their experience. The studio's commitment to a friendly service and the ability to provide a cozy, personalized setting are among its most notable attributes. Despite the mixed reviews, the studio continues to offer its services, aiming to refine its practices and uphold the standards expected by its clientele.