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a cover-up tattoo of a woman with a mask on her face, paderborn, germany

Royal Ink.


Welcome to Royal Ink, where mastery of the tattoo craft meets unparalleled convenience. With a reputation for accommodating clients' schedules, even on short notice, this studio stands out for its ability to make tattoo appointments a seamless part of your day. The artists at Royal Ink are celebrated for their exceptional skills, ensuring that each piece of body art is a testament to their high-quality workmanship.

The atmosphere at Royal Ink is one of warmth and friendliness, with staff who are not only approachable but also adept at providing sound advice to enhance your tattooing experience. Clients leave the studio not just satisfied with their new tattoos, but also with the level of attention to detail and the skill that went into creating them.

Value is a cornerstone of the Royal Ink experience, with customers consistently praising the studio for delivering top-notch artistry at prices that underscore the studio's commitment to providing excellent service without compromising on quality. This balance of affordability and expertise has fostered a loyal customer base, many of whom eagerly express their intent to return for future tattoos.

Professionalism is woven into the fabric of Royal Ink, ensuring that every visit is as enjoyable as it is expertly managed. Whether you're a tattoo aficionado or a first-timer, Royal Ink is dedicated to making your vision come to life with precision and care, solidifying its status as a premier destination for those seeking to express themselves through the art of tattoos.


Borchener Str. 163, 33106 Paderborn, Germany


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