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Tattoo Co. - Tattoos by Kris


Tattoo Co. - Tattoos by Kris stands as a beacon of creativity and comfort in the world of body art. The team, known for their ability to put clients at ease, ensures a welcoming atmosphere that complements the studio's reputation for exceptional service, advice, and design. Here, each client's vision is transformed into a bespoke tattoo with precision and care.

Conveniently located with shared parking space alongside a local restaurant famed for its delicious hamburgers, the studio offers an added perk for those looking to indulge before or after their appointment. The artist at Tattoo Co. is celebrated for their talent and meticulous preparation, crafting each piece with a dedication that has built a strong and positive reputation.

While the studio is recognized as a go-to destination for tattoos, it is also known for its strict cancellation policy. Clients are encouraged to commit to their appointments, as last-minute changes may necessitate a new deposit, ensuring that both the artist's time and the client's experience are valued.

Tattoo Co. - Tattoos by Kris invites enthusiasts and newcomers alike to experience the artistry where the quality of work speaks for itself, even beyond the reviews. Here, the commitment to excellence is not just a promise, but a delivered reality with every inked masterpiece.


Dorfstraße 47, 49565 Bramsche, Germany


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