Tatoo Studios.

Sancore Tattoo


Nestled in the heart of the city, Sancore Tattoo stands as a beacon of creativity and comfort for those seeking to transform their skin into a canvas of personal expression. The studio is renowned for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, a place where clients are not just customers but guests who are made to feel at home, eager to return for their next piece of art.

At the helm of Sancore Tattoo is Sandro, an artist whose exceptional skills and expertise are highly recommended by those who have had the pleasure of sitting in his chair. Sandro's personalized approach is a testament to his dedication, as he meticulously attends to every detail, ensuring that each client's vision is not only met but exceeded. His ability to translate the thoughts and ideas of clients into stunning, tangible artwork is nothing short of remarkable.

The studio prides itself on the chemistry between artist and client, a crucial element that Sancore Tattoo believes is fundamental to achieving the best results. This synergy is evident in the positive experiences shared by those who have entrusted Sandro with their skin, including the creation of beautiful cover-up tattoos that leave clients satisfied and brimming with excitement for their next appointment.

Sancore Tattoo is a place where artistry meets precision, where each tattoo is not just an image but a story told through ink, and where clients can confidently embark on their tattoo journey, knowing they are in the hands of a master craftsman.