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Welcome to ELEVEN, where the fusion of high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service creates an unparalleled tattooing experience. At ELEVEN, the dedication to crafting beautiful and intricate tattoos is evident in every piece that adorns our clients' skin. The lead artist, backed by years of experience, is adept in a variety of tattoo styles and techniques, ensuring that each client's vision is brought to life with precision and flair.

The studio prides itself on its commitment to cleanliness and hygiene, maintaining a sterile environment that prioritizes the health and safety of both customers and artists. This attention to detail extends to the personalized experience offered at ELEVEN. Here, the artist takes the time to listen, understand, and translate your ideas into custom tattoo designs that resonate with your individuality and exceed expectations.

Clients consistently commend ELEVEN for its comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, which contributes to a relaxed tattooing process. The studio's professional equipment, including top-quality tattoo machines and needles, stands as a testament to our dedication to delivering the best results.

Communication is key at ELEVEN, and customers appreciate the clear and consistent updates provided throughout their tattoo journey, from appointment scheduling to the final reveal of their artwork. With competitive pricing that doesn't compromise on quality, ELEVEN is recognized as an affordable option for those seeking a premium tattoo experience.

Moreover, the satisfaction guarantee offered by ELEVEN ensures that clients leave with not only a stunning piece of art but also peace of mind, confident in the knowledge that their satisfaction is the studio's utmost priority. Discover the artistry, care, and professionalism that make ELEVEN a distinguished destination for tattoo enthusiasts.


Jakob-Schneider-Straße 1, 77977 Rust, Germany


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