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Farbwerk Tattoostudio


Farbwerk Tattoostudio stands as a testament to the evolution of artistry and dedication, having expanded its creative horizons to embark on the second leg of intricate projects with the esteemed Andreas. Patrons of Farbwerk Tattoostudio consistently laud the establishment for its impeccable cleanliness and the superior quality of work, with many asserting that it epitomizes the ideal image of what a tattoo studio should be.

The team at Farbwerk Tattoostudio is renowned for their amiable and empathetic nature, creating an environment where clients feel genuinely cared for, especially during detailed consultation appointments. This sense of comfort is matched by the meticulous attention to detail and fine work evident in Andy's art, earning him unreserved recommendations from those who have had the pleasure of witnessing his craft.

Farbwerk Tattoostudio not only prides itself on the artistic prowess of its team but also on the lasting relationships built within the community. Andreas, a pivotal figure in the studio's narrative, is celebrated for his exceptional work, which has been a source of admiration since his time at Black Line in Goettingen. His commitment to maintaining a pristine studio environment and offering fair prices has solidified a loyal clientele.

The studio's reputation for excellence is further bolstered by the experiences of those who have visited Paleraventattoos, where an artist under Andy's tutelage has also left a mark of satisfaction on the canvas of customer contentment. Farbwerk Tattoostudio, through its collective of skilled artists and unwavering standards, continues to be a beacon for those seeking to transform their visions into enduring works of body art.


Lange Str. 7, 37176 Nörten-Hardenberg, Germany


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  • a colorful narben tattoo with a horse and flowers, northeim, germany
  • a woman with a narben tattoo on her shoulder, northeim, germany