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Rohrfire Ink


Welcome to Rohrfire Ink, where the fusion of artistry and professionalism creates a unique tattooing experience. At the heart of the studio's acclaim is Rachel, a tattoo artist renowned for her exceptional skills, who elevates the standards of advice and hygiene to ensure every client's peace of mind.

Clients stepping into Rohrfire Ink are immediately enveloped in a good atmosphere that sets the stage for an enjoyable piercing and tattooing journey. The studio prides itself on a consultation process that is as professional as it is friendly, fostering a pleasant environment where clients feel completely comfortable.

Satisfaction resonates through the feedback from those who have trusted Rohrfire Ink with their body art. The studio's commitment to client comfort, combined with the expertise of its artists, ensures that every visit is a satisfying encounter with the world of ink and piercings.

Rohrfire Ink stands as a beacon of quality in the tattoo community, where the artist's great advice and the studio's congenial vibe make for an experience that is not just about getting a tattoo or piercing, but about enjoying the creative process in a space that values safety and satisfaction above all.


Lange Str. 38, 31628 Landesbergen, Germany


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  • a narben tattoo with a rose on the forearm, nienburg/weser, germany
  • a snake narben tattoo on the leg, nienburg/weser, germany
  • a narben tattoo of a man with a hat and a hat on his head, nienburg/weser, germany
  • a man with a narben tattoo on his arm, nienburg/weser, germany
  • a narben tattoo on the leg of a man, nienburg/weser, germany
  • a woman with a narben tattoo on her arm, nienburg/weser, germany