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Neustadt an der Waldnaab

Welcome to Retro Tattoo, where excellence in ink meets unparalleled customer service. At Retro Tattoo, the team of friendly and helpful artists is dedicated to ensuring that every client's experience is as memorable as the art they leave with. Recognized for producing high-quality tattoos that often surpass clients' expectations, the studio has become a beacon of craftsmanship in the tattoo community.

The commitment to cleanliness and hygiene at Retro Tattoo is evident from the moment you step inside. The studio operates with the utmost standards, ensuring client safety and peace of mind during the tattooing process. This meticulous approach extends to the artists' work, where every design is brought to life with an extraordinary attention to detail. Clients' design preferences are not just heard but intricately woven into each tattoo, resulting in a truly personalized piece of art.

Customization is at the heart of Retro Tattoo's service. The studio offers a diverse range of options, allowing clients to add unique personal touches to their tattoos, making each piece distinct and deeply personal. The professionalism displayed by the studio is reflected in the punctuality, respect, and courtesy that clients have come to expect and appreciate.

Value for money is a cornerstone of the Retro Tattoo experience. Clients consistently acknowledge that the exceptional quality of their tattoos justifies the cost, with many expressing that the service they received provided excellent value. The studio's wide variety of designs ensures that every client finds the perfect tattoo to match their style and preferences, while the open and clear communication throughout the tattooing process keeps them informed and at ease.

Aftercare is not an afterthought at Retro Tattoo. The studio provides comprehensive guidance on post-tattoo care, essential for maintaining the beauty of the tattoo and preventing any complications. With Retro Tattoo, clients leave not only with a stunning piece of art but also with the knowledge to keep it looking its best for years to come.

Step into Retro Tattoo and discover where artistry, professionalism, and client satisfaction converge to create not just tattoos, but timeless masterpieces for the canvas of your skin.


Neue Amberger Str. 16/A, 92655 Grafenwöhr, Germany


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  • a rose narben tattoo on the wrist, neustadt an der waldnaab, germany
  • a man with a narben tattoo on his arm, neustadt an der waldnaab, germany
  • a narben tattoo with a mushroom on it, neustadt an der waldnaab, germany
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  • a narben tattoo on the leg of a man, neustadt an der waldnaab, germany
  • a man with a narben tattoo on his leg, neustadt an der waldnaab, germany