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Tattoo u. Piercing Color Phantasy


Tattoo u. Piercing Color Phantasy stands as a beacon of artistic excellence and professional integrity in the world of body art. The studio's reputation for consistently high-quality work is a testament to the years of experience and dedication of the resident artist. Clients can expect not only a masterpiece on their skin but also professional advice and honesty that guide them through the selection and execution of their desired tattoos and piercings.

The studio prides itself on its immaculate environment, ensuring cleanliness and sterility that meet the highest standards. This commitment to hygiene extends to the piercing process, which is lauded for being quick and uncomplicated, leading to a swift healing time that clients appreciate.

Fair pricing complements the studio's array of services, making high-quality tattoos and a variety of body piercings accessible without compromising on the caliber of work. The friendly demeanor of the staff, coupled with their open manner, creates a welcoming atmosphere where clients feel at ease to express their visions.

Attention to detail is paramount at Tattoo u. Piercing Color Phantasy, where each project is approached with a personalized touch. The artist's ability to tailor the experience and outcome to each individual's preferences is a hallmark of the studio's service.

In the event of inflammation following a piercing, the studio's helpfulness is evident as they provide personalized aftercare advice to manage and mitigate any issues, ensuring a comfortable recovery.

Please note, for the convenience of transactions, the studio operates on a cash-only policy. Tattoo u. Piercing Color Phantasy is not just a studio but a destination for those seeking a blend of artistry, professionalism, and care in their tattoo and piercing journey.


Ulrichstraße 5, 89257 Illertissen, Germany


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