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a narben tattoo of a fox with flowers on the thigh, minden-lübbecke, germany

Lupara Rossa Tattoo


Lupara Rossa Tattoo stands out for its dedication to client comfort and satisfaction, a commitment that resonates through the studio's pleasant ambience. While most clients report feeling at ease during their visits, the studio continuously strives to ensure that every individual's experience is as comfortable as possible.

The welcoming nature of Lupara Rossa Tattoo is complemented by the expertise of its artists, who provide valuable advice and service. Notably, the studio has gained recognition for its proficiency in cover-up tattoos, offering detailed guidance to those looking to transform their existing ink. The fair price-performance ratio further enhances the appeal, making quality tattoo artistry accessible.

Among the talented team, Dasha has earned accolades for her meticulous precision and unwavering concentration, traits that ensure each tattoo is crafted with the utmost care. Guest artist Alex, also known as Buba, brings his exceptional skills to the studio, delivering high-quality tattoos characterized by great imagery and clean contours.

Clients have not only praised the studio for its good service and reasonable pricing but have also expressed a keen interest in returning, a testament to the positive experiences they've encountered. Whether it's a spontaneous cover-up job executed by Alex or a carefully planned new piece, Lupara Rossa Tattoo is a destination for those seeking professionalism in a welcoming environment.


Lerbecker Str. 14, 32457 Porta Westfalica, Germany


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  • a narben tattoo of a cat and a flower, minden-lübbecke, germany