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a bedeutung der tribal tattoos with a skull and a skull on it, märkischer kreis, germany

Old Style Tattoo

Märkischer Kreis

Nestled in the heart of the city, Old Style Tattoo prides itself on delivering fast appointments and swift results, catering to those who value efficiency without compromising on quality. The studio stands out for its immaculate cleanliness and inviting ambiance, despite the occasional challenge of finding parking.

Upon entering, clients are greeted by a cozy environment that immediately puts them at ease, setting the stage for a comfortable tattoo or piercing experience. The warmth of the welcome is matched by the friendliness and expertise of the staff, who are renowned for their detailed advice and guidance throughout the piercing process.

Old Style Tattoo has garnered praise for the speed and efficiency of its piercing services, with clients consistently reporting positive experiences. This quick turnaround is matched by an unwavering commitment to quality, as evidenced by the satisfaction of numerous clients with the tattoos they've received. The skill of the artists shines through in every piece, ensuring that each client leaves with a work of art that meets their highest expectations.

In summary, Old Style Tattoo is a destination for those seeking a professional, swift, and high-quality tattoo or piercing experience in a clean, welcoming, and expertly staffed studio.


Volmestraße 36A, 58515 Lüdenscheid, Germany


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