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D.S.Tattoo - Permanent Make-up & Tattoos


Welcome to D.S.Tattoo - Permanent Make-up & Tattoos, a sanctuary of creativity where high-quality tattoos and exceptional customer service converge to create an unforgettable inking experience. The studio's reputation is built on the skillful artistry of its tattooists, whose dedication to their craft is evident in the intricate designs and vibrant colors that adorn the skin of satisfied clients.

At D.S.Tattoo, each client is met with a friendly and attentive staff, ready to accommodate individual wishes and preferences, ensuring a tattoo experience that is as unique as the artwork itself. The studio's comfortable atmosphere is frequently highlighted by clients, who find the space not only welcoming but also conducive to the creative process, allowing for a relaxed and enjoyable tattoo session.

The personalized treatment offered at D.S.Tattoo sets it apart, with artists taking the time to understand each client's vision and translating it into a bespoke piece of body art. This commitment to individualized attention is a cornerstone of the studio's philosophy and a key reason why many clients become repeat visitors, eager to expand their collection of tattoos or to recommend the studio's services to others.

Clients leave D.S.Tattoo with more than just a tattoo; they leave with a positive experience that resonates long after the ink has settled. The studio's unwavering dedication to excellence is reflected in the overwhelmingly positive feedback from those who have trusted the team with their permanent expressions.

D.S.Tattoo - Permanent Make-up & Tattoos stands as a testament to the beauty of personalized artistry, the warmth of exceptional service, and the joy of a tattoo journey that exceeds expectations.


Gutenbergstraße 26, 32756 Detmold, Germany