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More Tattoos


Nestled in the heart of the city, More Tattoos stands as a beacon of creativity and customer satisfaction. Known for its ability to fulfill the diverse wishes of its clientele, the studio prides itself on its responsive and tailored approach to each individual's needs. The atmosphere within More Tattoos is second to none; a friendly and welcoming environment greets each customer, setting the stage for an enjoyable tattoo experience.

At More Tattoos, the team of tattoo artists is not only skilled but also dedicated to working closely with customers. This collaborative process ensures that each tattoo is a reflection of the client's vision, resulting in a high level of satisfaction with the finished artwork. The studio's commitment to professionalism extends to aftercare and the tattooing process itself, which are both managed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Cleanliness and maintenance are paramount at More Tattoos. The studio's tidy and well-kept space provides a comfortable and hygienic setting for both artists and clients, ensuring peace of mind throughout the tattooing journey.

Vasile, a regular and esteemed tattoo artist at More Tattoos, has spent three years building a foundation of trust and loyalty with customers. His consistent delivery of satisfying results has contributed to the studio's reputation as a place where quality and service are never compromised.

More Tattoos comes highly recommended for its excellent service and the superior quality of its work. It stands as a testament to the art of tattooing, where every stroke of the needle is a step towards a masterpiece.


Bahnhofstraße 38, 65552 Limburg an der Lahn, Germany