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INK 23


INK 23 stands as a beacon of artistic excellence in the tattoo community, renowned for its talented tattoo artist whose work is not only brilliant but also highly regarded by those who have experienced the studio's offerings. The atmosphere within INK 23 is consistently described as super nice and immaculately clean, reflecting the studio's commitment to providing a welcoming and hygienic environment for all its clients.

With an unwavering dedication to safety, INK 23 has implemented rigorous corona measures, ensuring a high level of cleanliness and sterilization that has been positively noted by visitors. This attention to health standards has not gone unnoticed, with patrons expressing their trust and satisfaction in the studio's practices.

The tattoo artist at INK 23 is celebrated for their exceptional skills, often described as one of the best individuals in the field by those who have had the pleasure of getting inked. The studio prides itself on its customer-centric approach, always striving to ensure that each client is comfortable throughout their tattoo journey.

Clients of INK 23 are not only eager to return for more artistry on their skin but are also vocal about their intentions to do so, a testament to the memorable and positive experiences they've had. The quality of the tattoos themselves speaks volumes, with reviewers often finding that words are unnecessary to describe the high caliber of work produced by the studio's artist.

INK 23 is a destination for those seeking not just a tattoo, but an experience marked by comfort, cleanliness, and exceptional artistry.


Grabenstraße 3, 65594 Runkel, Germany


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