Tatoo Studios.

Tattoostudio Falke

Kreisfreie Stadt Rostock

Tattoostudio Falke stands out as a beacon of creativity and professionalism in the world of body art, led by the friendly and uncomplicated artist, Merlin. Known for his ability to brilliantly implement clients' ideas, Merlin has earned a reputation for delivering good results that keep customers returning for more. The satisfaction echoed by reviewers is a testament to the quality and expertise that Merlin brings to each design.

The studio itself is a haven of cleanliness and comfort, ensuring a pleasant experience from the moment clients step in. With fair pricing, Tattoostudio Falke makes exceptional tattoo artistry accessible to a wide audience. Moreover, Merlin's dedication to service extends beyond the tattooing process; he is readily available to answer questions, providing an excellent level of customer care that is both professional and empathetic.

In a commendable effort to serve the community, Tattoostudio Falke offers a social tariff, making it possible for individuals with little or no income to access their services. This initiative reflects the studio's commitment to inclusivity and the belief that art should be available to all.

Clients leave Tattoostudio Falke not only with a new piece of art but with the assurance of having been in the hands of an artist worth recommending. Merlin's combination of expertise and exceptional customer service makes Tattoostudio Falke a distinguished choice for anyone seeking to bring their tattoo vision to life.


Kehrwieder 4, 18057 Rostock, Germany


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