Tatoo Studios.

Dennis Soo Tattoo

Kreisfreie Stadt Oldenburg

Welcome to Dennis Soo Tattoo, a studio where artistry meets precision, and where clients return year after year for the exceptional experience and craftsmanship of Dennis. With a reputation that draws tattoo enthusiasts from afar, Dennis Soo Tattoo has become a destination for those seeking both quality art and a welcoming atmosphere.

At the heart of the studio's acclaim is Dennis himself, a very pleasant character whose personable demeanor and professional expertise create an environment where clients feel comfortable and at ease. His ability to put clients at ease is matched only by his skill with the needle, as evidenced by the quick and easy healing process reported by many who have entrusted their skin to his artistry.

The discovery of Dennis's talent often begins on Instagram, where his portfolio captures the imagination of potential clients, showcasing the breadth of his abilities and the vibrancy of his designs. It's this digital showcase that has helped to expand his reach, inviting a diverse clientele to experience his work firsthand.

Clients speak of Dennis as one of the warmest, most reliable, and trustworthy people they know, a testament to his character that resonates through the studio. Their enthusiastic endorsements, often punctuated with colorful emojis, reflect the genuine connections and memorable experiences forged during their tattoo sessions.

Dennis Soo Tattoo stands as a testament to the power of word-of-mouth and the lasting impressions left by a truly dedicated artist. It's a place where the journey to create lasting art is as important as the artwork itself, and where each tattoo is a testament to Dennis's unwavering commitment to his craft.


Body Z Tattoo, Staustraße 24, 26122 Oldenburg, Germany