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Stargate Tattoo & Piercing Studio

Kreisfreie Stadt Ingolstadt

Welcome to Stargate Tattoo & Piercing Studio, where immaculate cleanliness meets unparalleled attention to detail. Recognized for its pristine environment, the studio sets the standard for hygiene, ensuring a safe and sterile experience for every client.

At Stargate, the health and well-being of clients are paramount. The adept staff is trained to quickly identify any signs of infection, providing timely assistance to address any concerns post-procedure. This proactive approach to aftercare is a testament to the studio's commitment to client safety.

Clients seeking a thorough understanding of their piercing procedures will find solace in Stargate's meticulous explanations. Every step, from preparation to aftercare, is explained with precision, ensuring clients are fully informed and comfortable throughout their experience.

The friendly and competent team at Stargate Tattoo & Piercing Studio is always on hand to guide and assist. Their expertise is matched only by their warm and welcoming demeanor, making every visit a pleasant encounter.

For those under the legal age seeking piercings, Stargate provides detailed advice and guidance, ensuring that both the young clients and their guardians are well-informed and confident in the decision-making process.

Stargate Tattoo & Piercing Studio is a beacon of excellence in the tattoo and piercing community, where the highest standards of cleanliness and client care are not just met but exceeded.


Proviantstraße 5A, 85049 Ingolstadt, Germany


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