Tatoo Studios.

Number 13 Tattoo

Kreisfreie Stadt Augsburg

Welcome to Number 13 Tattoo, where the fusion of creativity and skill crafts not just tattoos, but personal masterpieces. The studio prides itself on a team of creative and talented artists who excel in bringing clients' visions to life, often exceeding expectations with results that are more than perfect.

At Number 13 Tattoo, each artist is not only a master of the needle but also a dedicated caretaker throughout your tattoo journey. From the moment of first contact, clients experience prompt and attentive service, ensuring inquiries and appointment arrangements are handled with efficiency and care.

Understanding and implementing clients' wishes is at the heart of the studio's ethos. The artists at Number 13 Tattoo work closely with clients to transform their ideas into stunning pieces of art, all while maintaining the highest standards of quality. The excellence of the tattoo work is evident in the precision of the lines, the vibrancy of the colors, and the longevity of the designs.

Hygiene is paramount, and the studio upholds rigorous work practices to ensure a clean and safe environment for every session. Aftercare is also a top priority, with clients receiving knowledgeable tips on how to care for their new tattoos, ensuring optimal healing and preservation of the artwork.

The atmosphere within Number 13 Tattoo is as remarkable as the art it produces. The studio offers a welcoming and comfortable environment, making every visit a memorable part of the tattoo experience.

Discover the place where artistry meets precision, and personal care meets professional excellence. Number 13 Tattoo is a destination for those seeking to turn their tattoo dreams into reality.


Dominikanergasse 13, 86150 Augsburg, Germany