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Tattooair Ink


Tattooair Ink stands as a beacon of artistic excellence in the tattoo industry, renowned for its high-quality tattoos that not only captivate the eye but also endure the test of time. The studio's professional and friendly artists have mastered the delicate balance of skill and personability, ensuring that each client's experience is as comfortable as it is memorable.

The commitment to cleanliness and hygiene at Tattooair Ink is unwavering, with clients consistently commending the studio for its immaculate environment. This dedication to safety and health is paramount, providing peace of mind to those seeking to adorn their bodies with art.

At the heart of Tattooair Ink's service is the personalized attention each client receives. The artists here are not just tattooists; they are listeners and creators, meticulously tailoring custom designs that align with individual preferences and stories. This bespoke approach is complemented by the studio's honesty in setting realistic expectations, fostering a trust that ensures clients are fully informed and never left to encounter surprises.

Communication is key at Tattooair Ink, where the dialogue between artist and client is as steady as the hand that wields the tattoo machine. Clients are kept in the loop throughout their tattoo journey, from initial concept to final touch-up, ensuring a collaborative and transparent process.

Nestled in a convenient location, the studio is a hub of creativity that is easily accessible, inviting clients from all walks of life to explore the art of tattooing. The variety of designs on offer is as diverse as the clientele, with a spectrum of styles that cater to every taste and preference.

Moreover, Tattooair Ink's competitive pricing is a testament to its commitment to providing value without compromising on quality. Clients leave not only with stunning tattoos but also with the satisfaction of having received fair and reasonable service.

The collective positive customer experience at Tattooair Ink is a reflection of the studio's ethos – a place where artistry, professionalism, and client satisfaction converge to create a premier tattoo destination.


Wollmatinger Str. 77, 78467 Konstanz, Germany


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  • two narben tattoos on the legs of a woman, konstanz, germany
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  • a man with narben tattoos on his body walking down a road, konstanz, germany
  • a panda bear narben tattoo on the arm, konstanz, germany
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