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a narben tattoo of a dog and a cat on the arm, konstanz, germany

Caribbean Ink.


Caribbean Ink stands out for its dedication to the craft of tattooing, with an artist renowned for their skill and meticulous approach to creating exceptional tattoos. The team at Caribbean Ink is recognized for their professionalism, attentively responding to every client's need and offering expert advice that is highly valued by those who seek their services. Clients commend the studio for its ability to provide prompt appointments, ensuring that the journey to a new tattoo is both efficient and satisfying.

While the tattoo services at Caribbean Ink receive high praise for their attention to detail and professional conduct, it is important to note that feedback regarding the piercing services suggests room for improvement. Some clients have reported less than satisfactory experiences, citing instances of bleeding during the piercing process and the use of incorrect jewelry that may complicate the healing period.

Despite these concerns, Caribbean Ink maintains a strong reputation for its tattooing services, with a team that is committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and expertise in the art of tattooing.


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