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a woman's thigh with a horse narben tattoo, kleve, germany

Davy Jones / Ink and more...


Step into Davy Jones / Ink and more..., where the fusion of professional artistry and a family-like atmosphere creates an unparalleled tattoo and piercing experience. This studio stands out for its spontaneous piercings, inviting those who wander in with a sudden spark of inspiration to leave with a tangible memory.

The team at Davy Jones is not only friendly and welcoming but also highly skilled, ensuring that each design or piercing is executed with precision and care. Patrons consistently praise the staff for their exceptional work and the genuine connections they forge, reflecting the studio's commitment to both craft and community.

The ambiance of Davy Jones / Ink and more... is intentionally cultivated to put clients at ease, fostering a sense of belonging from the moment they step through the door. This approachability extends to pricing as well, with the studio offering competitive rates for both tattoos and piercings without compromising on quality.

Understanding that the process can be daunting for some, the accommodating staff at Davy Jones are always ready to engage in preliminary discussions with those who have reservations about needles, ensuring a comfortable and informed experience.

Clients leave Davy Jones / Ink and more... not only with stunning tattoos and piercings but also with the peace of mind that comes from a smooth, complication-free healing process, as reported by customers four days post-procedure. This track record of excellence is why the studio enjoys a sterling reputation, with many customers eagerly planning their next visit for future adornments.

At Davy Jones / Ink and more..., every needle, every line, and every dot is a step towards creating not just body art, but a lasting impression of a warm, professional, and memorable experience.