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Alex-Tattoo Studio is renowned for its technical proficiency, ensuring excellent hygiene, healing, and color quality post-healing. The studio's reputation for speed and fairness in service delivery is a testament to its commitment to customer satisfaction. The studio's ambiance is a blend of cleanliness and a relaxed atmosphere, making it a preferred choice for many tattoo enthusiasts.

Despite its many positive attributes, Alex-Tattoo Studio has faced criticism for its approach to placement and symmetry, particularly with intricate designs such as filigree and geometric motifs. Some customers have expressed disappointment with the lack of symmetry in their tattoos, even after bringing these issues to the artist's attention.

However, the studio's professionalism in accommodating customer's wishes and changes has been highly praised. The comfort level of customers during the tattoo process is a priority at Alex-Tattoo Studio, with many expressing gratitude for the artist's patience and neat fine lines.

The studio's ability to create a positive and satisfying tattoo experience is evident in the enthusiasm of customers to return for future tattoos. Despite some areas of improvement, Alex-Tattoo Studio continues to be a destination for those seeking quality tattoos in a clean, relaxed, and professional environment.


Bogenbergerstraße 9, 84048 Mainburg, Germany


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