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Blood Type Ink


Immerse yourself in the pleasant atmosphere of Blood Type Ink, a tattoo studio renowned for its focus on hygiene and cleanliness. This small and cozy studio is celebrated for its warm and welcoming ambiance, making every customer feel at home as they embark on their tattoo journey.

Blood Type Ink is highly praised for its flexibility and responsiveness, with customers expressing satisfaction with the studio's ability to address their unique requests. The tattoo artist at the helm is described as exceptional, with a knack for creating high-quality work that leaves customers "super happy" with their new tattoos.

The studio's commitment to customer service is evident in the time they take to answer questions and address personal wishes. This dedication to ensuring every customer's needs are met has led to numerous recommendations and repeat customers, with one reviewer already anticipating their next visit.

The cleanliness and hygiene of Blood Type Ink are frequently highlighted by reviewers, with one noting it as "very hygienic." This attention to detail, coupled with the studio's overall pleasant atmosphere and high-quality work, ensures that customers are satisfied with their overall experience. Whether you're a tattoo enthusiast or a first-timer, Blood Type Ink offers a comfortable and clean environment for your tattoo journey.


Bergstraße 11, 34314 Espenau, Germany


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