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Inkplosive Tattoostudio


Inkplosive Tattoostudio is a renowned establishment, celebrated for its quick, value-for-money service and a team that is not only professional but also entertaining during appointments. The studio's reputation is built on the consistent praise from reviewers who commend the team's work and professionalism. Among the team, Julia stands out, with specific mentions of her exceptional skills and professionalism.

However, the studio's service is not without its flaws. One reviewer had a less than satisfactory experience with a large tattoo. The tattoo, which was done almost two years ago, has lost its appeal due to inconsistent line thickness, resulting in a wavy appearance. This same reviewer had a more positive experience on their first visit, where they received a small tattoo that met their expectations.

Inkplosive Tattoostudio's customer service has also been called into question. The studio did not offer an alternative date for an appointment that had to be postponed due to the Corona pandemic. Furthermore, the reviewer had difficulty getting a response from the studio regarding their deposit refund.

Despite these setbacks, the team at Inkplosive Tattoostudio remains highly regarded for their friendly demeanor and quick, quality work. The studio's reputation, built on the praise of many satisfied customers, attests to the team's dedication and professionalism.


Maybachstraße 34, 74245 Löwenstein, Germany


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