Tatoo Studios.
the title for the album,'into the dark '

Tattoo Brothers


Tattoo Brothers is a studio that has earned a reputation for its exceptional service and quality work. The studio has been lauded by many for its clean work and friendly team, led by the talented Stefano. The team's dedication to their craft is evident in the satisfaction of their customers, with one repeat client highlighting the cleanliness of their work and the friendliness of the team.

The studio's pricing is another aspect that has garnered praise from customers. The value for money offered by Tattoo Brothers is appreciated by many, with one reviewer excitedly awaiting their next appointment, a testament to the studio's affordability without compromising on quality.

Tattoo Brothers also specializes in cover-ups, with one satisfied customer expressing their gratitude to Robbi for their excellent work in covering up old tattoos. The customer described Robbi's work as "simply great," a sentiment echoed by many others who have had the pleasure of experiencing the studio's services.

The overall satisfaction of customers is high, with one reviewer stating that they were very satisfied with their experience at the studio and would definitely return for another tattoo. This sentiment is humorously echoed by another reviewer who jokingly states that if you don't visit Tattoo Brothers, it's your own fault.

Tattoo Brothers is a studio that not only delivers high-quality tattoos but also ensures a pleasant and satisfying experience for its customers. The combination of a friendly team, clean work, affordable prices, and excellent cover-up services makes Tattoo Brothers a studio worth considering for your next tattoo.


  • two hands with cover-up tattoos on them, hamm, germany
  • a lion cover-up tattoo on the leg, hamm, germany
  • a stage with purple lights and a black sign
  • a man with a black and grey cover-up tattoo on his arm, hamm, germany