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PolyAsh Tattoo


PolyAsh Tattoo is a highly sought-after studio, renowned for its quality work and reliability. The studio's lead artist, Ash, is praised for his exceptional skills and meticulous attention to detail, creating tattoos that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also hygienic and clean.

Clients commend Ash for his patience and dedication, as evidenced by his ability to guide clients through extensive tattoo sessions, even up to 21 hours. This level of commitment to the craft is a testament to Ash's professionalism and passion for his work.

At PolyAsh Tattoo, you can expect a personalized service. Ash is known for his kind demeanor and lack of a "rock star" attitude, ensuring a comfortable and tailored experience for every client. This approachable nature, combined with his undeniable talent, has led to a high demand for his services.

The studio is often fully booked, with some clients securing appointments almost two years in advance. This waiting period is a testament to the quality of Ash's work and the trust clients place in him. The deposit required to book an appointment is seen as justified, reflecting the time and effort Ash invests in preparing each unique tattoo.

The atmosphere at PolyAsh Tattoo is described as small and nice, offering a cozy and welcoming environment for clients. This intimate setting further enhances the personalized service, making each visit a memorable experience.

In summary, PolyAsh Tattoo stands out for its quality work, reliability, and personalized service, all set within a cozy and welcoming studio environment.


Mundsburger Damm 52, 22087 Hamburg, Germany


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