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Magnum Tattoo Studio


Magnum Tattoo Studio is a haven for tattoo enthusiasts, boasting a diverse range of tattoo designs that cater to every individual's unique style. From custom work to classic styles, and even bold black and gray pieces, the studio's portfolio is as varied as it is impressive. The artists at Magnum Tattoo Studio are highly skilled and experienced, often praised for their great attention to detail, ensuring each piece of art is a masterpiece in its own right.

The studio's cleanliness and organization are often lauded by visitors, with many commenting on the pristine condition of the facility. This commitment to hygiene and orderliness extends to the use of high-quality equipment and materials, including top-notch machines that ensure the best results for every tattoo.

Magnum Tattoo Studio offers a variety of services to accommodate all clients. Whether you're a walk-in customer, have a pre-scheduled appointment, or need a cover-up, the studio is equipped to meet your needs. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the studio, described by many as "cozy," adds to the overall positive experience.

The studio's prices are considered reasonable, with many reviewers noting the affordability of the services. This, coupled with the studio's convenient location and easy parking, makes Magnum Tattoo Studio an accessible choice for many.

The studio's commitment to its clients extends beyond the tattooing process. Reviewers have praised the excellent communication and aftercare provided by the studio, including great aftercare instructions that ensure the longevity and vibrancy of each tattoo.

Magnum Tattoo Studio has built a loyal customer base, with many reviewers returning for additional work or recommending the studio to others. This loyalty is a testament to the studio's consistent delivery of high-quality work in a clean, professional, and welcoming environment.


Glashüttenstraße 110, 20357 Hamburg, Germany


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