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a cover-up tattoo of two men with a picture of them and a woman, hamburg, germany

Florian Thomys


Florian Thomys Tattoo Studio is a place where artistry and professionalism meet, creating a unique experience that consistently exceeds expectations. Located conveniently, the studio is known for its talented artists who are not only professional but also friendly and approachable.

The atmosphere at Florian Thomys is one of collaboration and comfort, making it a place where clients feel at ease from the moment they step in. The studio's style is a blend of cleanliness and creativity, providing an environment that is both welcoming and inspiring.

The artists at Florian Thomys are praised for their ability to design and implement tattoos that truly resonate with their clients. Their communication throughout the process is commendable, ensuring that the final product is a perfect reflection of the client's vision.

The satisfaction of clients at Florian Thomys is evident in their reviews, with many expressing happiness with their final tattoo results. The studio's commitment to exceeding expectations, coupled with the artist's talent and likability, makes Florian Thomys a preferred choice for those seeking a memorable tattoo experience.

In conclusion, Florian Thomys Tattoo Studio is a place where professionalism, talent, and a comfortable atmosphere come together to create tattoos that not only meet but exceed expectations.


Versmannstraße 22, 20457 Hamburg, Germany


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  • a wolf cover-up tattoo on the arm, hamburg, germany
  • a man's arm with a newspaper page and a black and white photo
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  • a cover-up tattoo of a man smoking a cigarette, hamburg, germany