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Blue Spark - Tattoo & Piercing


Blue Spark - Tattoo & Piercing is a highly regarded studio known for its friendly and professional staff. The team at Blue Spark is praised for their great advice and patience, ensuring every client feels comfortable and confident in their tattoo or piercing decision. The studio's tattoo artist, Micha, is particularly noted for his calming demeanor and meticulous attention to detail, taking the time to sensitively and carefully engrave each tattoo.

Blue Spark is not only recognized for its exceptional customer service but also for its fast, professional, and high-quality work. The studio is clean and well-maintained, providing a comfortable and safe environment for all clients. The team's dedication to cleanliness and hygiene is evident in every aspect of the studio, from the pristine workstations to the sterilized equipment.

Transparency is a key value at Blue Spark, with honest and clear pricing that customers appreciate. The studio offers a good price-performance ratio, ensuring that clients receive high-quality work at a fair price. This commitment to transparency extends to their customer service, with the team providing attentive care during each piercing and tattoo session.

The talent and experience of the tattoo artists at Blue Spark are frequently highlighted in customer reviews. Micha, in particular, is lauded for his skill and creativity, resulting in clients being excited and happy with their new tattoos. The combination of a welcoming atmosphere, professional service, and high-quality work makes Blue Spark - Tattoo & Piercing a standout choice for those seeking a memorable and positive tattoo or piercing experience.


Luruper Hauptstraße 258, 22547 Hamburg, Germany


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